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About Felicia Nelson

Felicia is a social media marketing maven and a veteran freelance graphic developer of 10 years. She has built a solid foundation of expertise and knowledge in Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe Creative Suite programs throughout the many years of her career, starting in 2005. In January of 2017, she brought that knowledge with her to Rise Realty Co.

An Entrepreneur by nature, Felicia is willing to accept any challenge put in front of her. She is passionate about the needs and goals of her clients, and strives to make the home buying and selling process as streamlined as possible for everyone involved in the transaction.

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Why Rent If You Can BuyHome ownership rates are the lowest they have been in the last 50 years. Yet a large portion of Americans are still renting properties, instead of enjoying a home of their.

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With the influx of new technology and web based solutions, it isn't a surprise that everything is moving fast into the era of the internet. From sites like Uber to Grubhub, we generally can pull up

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Avoid The Wrong Real Estate Agent

In what will likely be the biggest investment you make in your life, buying a home needs the attention and assistance a professional real estate agent can provide. But not just any real estate,

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